Organic Growth

Organic growth from operational excellence.

Superior Leasing Performance

Integration of leasing strategy can enable each shopping center to have a unique value proposition to tenants, while a large portfolio will allow greater bargaining power and the ability to attract large-scale corporate tenants.

Marketing Integration

A large portfolio can pool and lower total marketing costs, and will increase attractiveness to banks and other partners to host promotional campaigns.

Operating Efficiency

Utilization of “best practices” and the implementation of portfolio-wide management processes and systems can improve operational efficiency.

Data Collection and Analysis

More customer touchpoints leads to more data and a greater understanding of customer that can be leveraged to create better and more appealing shopping centers.

Acquisition Growth

Our goal is to acquire and diversify prime community and neighbourhood mall assets in the most attractive submarkets.

  1. Submarkets with mid-to-high purchasing power and robust demand
  2. Best site location within each submarket (accessibility/traffic flow)
  1. Unique market positioning and value proposition
  2. Net leasable area of 5,000+ Sq.m.
  3. Parking capacity and convenience
  1. Strong and complete anchors (supermarket, fitness, etc.)
  2. Healthy retail sales (supermarket 10 MB+, Starbucks, etc.)