Bualuang K.E. Retail Leasehold Real Estate Investment Trust (“BKER”) has an objective to invest in freehold and leasehold rights on shopping center and relevant retail space (Core component). The trust is also able to invest in other commercial area (Non-core component) such as exhibition and convention centers, office, parking lot as well as hotel and serviced apartment. Meanwhile, investment value of Non-core component shall not exceed 25% of the total asset value. Rental and services income and relevant other income are the main source of income of BKER while the trust will also earn other incomes from liquidity management or other investments subject to SEC’s regulation. In order to generate a sustainable cash flow and return to the unitholders, BKER shall also invest in renovation and asset enhancement programs and divest some assets. In addition, BKER aims to continually invest in the new projects to enlarge the income stream and diversify operational risk through different locations.